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Strategics Lines


The Lineamientos Strategic has like general mission, to normar and to establish a series of Policies for best the Enterprise Development in order to turn our Company into one of and the most efficient ones of the Central American Region conforms the international standards demanded by OACI and COCESNA, trying the true entailment with the General Plan of Development.

The Lineamientos Strategic constitutes an element fundamental to potentialise the use of the resources caught by the Company in plans of modernization, extension of cover, airport security, competitiveness and transparency. These lines summary in seven great aspects:

1. To modernize the infrastructure and the command teams of the Aerial traffic, the National and International Airports extending this way the cover of the airport services.

2. To increase the security of the aerial traffic through fulfillment of the international regulations.

3. Identification of new sources of income by means of a Strategic Plan of Businesses that extends the capacity of development and self-sustainability of the Company.

4. Suitable use and is transparent of the Financial and Material resources.

5. Development of the Human Resources potentialising the labor competitions and the consistent institutional technical requirements with the strategic plans of the Company.

6. To consolidate the Unique System of Enterprise Planning and the mechanisms of pursuit, evaluation and control.

7. To order the operation of the Unique System of Information, bases for the managemental decision making.

8. To fortify the Managemental Capacity of the Company.