blue2 The Aerodrome MONSEÑOR SALVADOR SCHLAEFER is located in the Autonomous Region of the South Caribbean Coast, its main activity is for Civil Aviation, presenting special private flights internationally. The Aerodrome is under the administration, operation, and conservation of the COMPANY ADMINISTRATOR OF INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS (EAAI). Inaugurated officially in the year 2,000; Located west of the city with geographic coordinates are the following: Latitude: 11 ° 59 43.26 “N, Longitude: 83 ° 46 01.28” W, Elevation: 11 MSNM, has 2,400 meters long built of asphalt with variations of 30 to 100 meters wide, 4 aircraft parking lots to receive daily ATR-42 with a weight of 14,600 KG and C208 3,967 KG and a drop of Giro for overnight, can also receive smaller capacity planes for daily operations, under coordination.

The Operation time is HJ (between the start and the sunset). We have waiting room services for boarding, checking your luggage, Migration, Customs, parking for 15 vehicles, customer service by the airlines, ticket sales, parcel posting, reservations. Inside the waiting room we have sale of handicrafts and cafeteria.

It currently has a radar center and control tower, with COVINTEC structure at approximately 1KM, located to the south side of the facilities of the air terminal building. It is equipped with the following systems for navigation, surveillance and communication: Secondary radar system monopulso, Digital communication system used for ground and telephony communication, AVIMET meteorological system with sensors that provide information on wind direction, speed, layers Of cloud, visibility, temperature, dew point and pressure, we also have an ATIS system which provides meteorological information on earth air frequency to the aircraft that tune it.


blue2 We consider it important to let visitors know the following information so you know some of the services available in the city of Bluefields:
Taxis within the city of Bluefields cost C $ 12.00 per person to any destination, after 09:30 p.m the cost is C $ 20.00 per person to any destination.

There are two banks in the city: BANCENTRO (tel. 2255-8888) with ATM in its own premises and another in BICU University, BANPRO (2255-9595) with four ATMs located two of them in the same premises, the others Two in the City Hall and BICU University, numerous commercial houses (GALLO MORE GALLO, TROPICON, LA CURACAO, EL VERDUGO, CASA PELLAS, CRUZ LORENA, PRODESA, CARUNA RL with services of MONEY GRAM, WESTERN UNION, Servicios de Telefonía Movistar and of course).

The most important hotels in the city of Bluefields are: Hotel Casa Royale located in the Point Teen neighborhood (tel 2572-0668), Hotel South Atlantic II (tel. 2572-1022) located in the Central district, Hotel Airport (25722862 ), Hostal Doña Vero (tel. 2572-2166) located in the Central Quarter, Hotel Quinto (2572-0035), Hotel Caribbean Dream (2572-0107), located in Punta Fría neighborhood, BICU’s Taiwahk Guest House New York and Oasis (tel. 2572-0665) located in the center of the city.

The most visited and recognized restaurants are: Chez Marcel, (tel. 2572-2347 and 2572-2950), located in the Teodoro Martínez neighborhood; Salmar with (tel.257-22-128), adjacent to Chez Marcel; Hotel Mini Cafetín Central with (tel. 2572-2362), located in the central district; La Loma with (2572-2275), in San Pedro neighborhood opposite BICU University, Pelican Bay in Point Teen neighborhood, Restaurant Tip-Top 1900-2020, Restaurant El Flotante neighborhood Punta Fria and two Pizzeria, located adjacent To the Restaurant Chez Marcel.

There are several recreational venues such as Eros Discoteque, Babylon Discoteque, Cima Karaoke & Discoteque, los 4 Hermanos.

The cost of water transportation goes according to destination, from Bluefields to Bluff is about 15 minutes. Price ticket 50 CORDOBAS, you can visit these places by water: Lagoon of Pearls, Kukra Hill, Orinoco, Tasba Pounie etc.

There is a tourist office on the premises of the airport.

In the South region of the Atlantic Coast there are many tourist places. For example the islets in the Pearl Cays. You need to first go to Pearl Lagoon and hire a panga to take you to these sites. There is also the Island of Rama Kay. In the city you can find many things such as: objects made of hawksbill, coral, coconut shell, wood, shell of mother-of-pearl, and gold. These can be observed by taking a walking tour inside the city of Bluefields.
With the aim of promoting Caribbean tourism there is currently a Culture House located in the Tres Cruces neighborhood where you can find a variety of paintings by local artists and a Museum of Locality called CIDCA located in the neighborhood Punta Fría.




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