Luggage of International Airlines

Rights and Restrictions

You must check-in your baggage at the airline ticket counter where you receive your boarding pass. For your own security and that of others, do not check-in or carry any baggage that belongs to unknown persons.

You may be surprised, but some apparently inoffensive items can become dangerous on board and aircraft if you carry them in your baggage.

An aircraft is not like an automobile. Varying in-flight temperatures, pressures and aircraft movement can cause liquids to leak or some items to ignite. Therefore, dangerous articles such as those listed below must not be carried in your baggage.

  • Matches or lighters as they may be ignited by friction.
  • Firecrackers that may go off due to their own nature.
  • Flammable liquids, fuel, paint, solvents, glue, lighter fluids, and small gas tanks for camping, as well as substances that may leak and cause fires.
  • Household items, such as abrasives that contain chemical substances, which may leak toxic or corrosive gases and liquids.
  • Electronic equipment that may interfere with the aircraft communications systems and affect flight safety.

In any case, check with your airline.
If you are carrying firearms, you must obtain the necessary permit from the National Police. Weapons must be packed unloaded in a proper holster or carrying case.

NOTE: The information provided below may not be up-to-date and/or may be incomplete. It is recommended that passengers check with their travel agency or airline in order to obtain the latest information.

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