Mision and Vision

Mission statement of the EAAI:
“Operate and develop the network of airports managed by our institution, guaranteeing safety and quality in the provision of services for the facilitation of air transport, complying with the national and international regulatory framework.”
Vission of the EAAI:

“To be a sustainable company, with a perspective of growth and continuous improvement in the provision of our services, enhancing human talent and complying with international standards of quality, safety and environmental management for the facilitation of air transport in our airport network.”


Purpose of the five-year period 2021 – 2025
Promote the culture of quality and safety in the provision of all our services based on internal strengthening, allowing us to carry out continuous improvement processes in aeronautical technical and administrative procedures, as well as enhancing the capacities of human talent; creating an organizational environment consistent with risk management and the establishment of performance standards aimed at measuring quality from the aeronautical / airport perspective, for the fulfillment of our mission, vision and institutional objectives.
Value System of the EAAI:
mision vision
Public, Social and Environmental Responsibility:
Develop a diligent, positive and proactive attitude in the exercise of our functions and tasks to provide our users with efficient, timely and respectful attention. Assuming inherent responsibilities as public servants. Articulating good practices and strengthening capacities with government institutions and other actors in the aeronautical industry, contributing to the development of the country, the well-being of the community and the protection of the environment.
Teamwork: Coordinate and integrate efforts between the different areas and people to achieve synergies in the processes and results, seeking to develop individual, collective and institutional learning. Thus facilitating the joint search for solutions and the joint overcoming of obstacles with the vision of growth and continuous improvement of the Company. It implies collaborative work and empowerment of installed capacities to achieve institutional objectives and goals.
Integrity: To act in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework that regulates us, consistent with the principles and values ​​of the Company, fulfilling our functions and assigned tasks with honesty, transparency and discipline, fostering trust and credibility in our institution.
Security: A condition assumed transversally throughout the Company’s work, involves the authorities and all staff. Every decision and action must precede an attitude of prevention and risk management, whether it concerns projects, operations, capital investments and the provision of services in general. Safety is a motto that we all assume responsibly, protecting the interests of the Company, adding value to life and minimizing risks, generating trust and well-being for our internal collaborators, users and the general public.
Quality with warmth: Commitment assumed by each official and worker when carrying out their functions and tasks efficiently, trying to meet the expectations of our users and achieving the indices or quality standards in the operations and services we provide. It also implies combining specific knowledge with empathy and an attitude of cordiality in the provision of our services.
Loyalty: It will be a permanent manifestation of institutional identity, loyalty, gratitude, honor and respect towards the Company (mission, vision, objectives and institutional policies), projecting the best institutional image with our attitudes and actions. It will translate into constancy and solidarity with the institution, higher levels, colleagues and subordinates.
Equity: It involves acting with respect to the people who demand or request our services, without any type of preference and only on the grounds of merit, legality, objective motivations, and without consideration of gender, religion, ethnicity, social and economic position and other alien characteristics. to the bottom of the matter and justice.

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