Information office of the Public Law

The Management Company of National and International Airports (EAAI), create the Office of Access to Información Pública (OAIP), and was integrated at the beginning of year 2008, in fulfillment to 621 law “Law of Access to the Public Information”.

The Committee of Classification of the OAIP is presided over by the general manager of the EAAI, and is integrated by the administrative manager, the financial manager, head of the legal department and the person in charge of the OAIP.

The OAIP is located in the administrative facilities of the company that situated in Km. 11 North highway, in front of the Shell powerboat.

For any information or request, the public can call to telephones tel: (505) 2233-1624, ext. 2375, or if he prefers to write to the electronic direction:


Creative Law EAAI

 Law of Reform to Decree 1292 – Law of the EAAI



 Statutory law of the EAAI



  Reformation to the Statutory law of the EAAI



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