The International Augusto C. Sandino Managua Airport is aware of its responsibility to society for the protection of the environment.

This responsibility has led to the EAAI to establish a commitment to environmental excellence, which responds to environmental social demands that guarantee sustainable development of air transport through the principles:

Environmental Principles:

  • Respect and protect the environment as a basic objective in managing activities EAAI.
  • Respect and ensure compliance with laws and regulations of national environmental protection and internacionla force.
  • To reconcile the development of air transport with environmental conservation.
  • Prevent air pollution that may be associated with the activities of the EAAI, with technical and economic means available to minimize emissions.
  • Promote actions designed to minimize noise levels of aircraft.
  • Promote actions designed to minimize gas emissions from both aircraft operating at the airport and transport.
  • Rationalize the consumption of energy and resources naaturales through energy efficiency and the progressive use of renewable energies.
  • Promote reasonable use of water in the different airports.
  • Encourage reuse, recycling and waste management in a respectful with the environment.
  • Communicating environmental policy to all employees, contractors and concesarios of EAAI.
  • Educate staff through training and awareness about the importance of protecting and preserving the environment, encouraging their participation in the fulfillment of the objectives.
  • Provide for the promotion of environmental education campaigns at the airport, and support programs preservation of flora and fauna.


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