San Juan de Nicaragua

sjn0The air terminal of San Juan de Nicaragua is located in the municipality of the same name San Juan de Nicaragua located in the department of Río San Juan, nearby are the ruins of old Greytown, or culturally known as Old San Juan. In addition we have the mouth to the Caribbean Sea of ​​the river San Juan, and the exuberant Indian Biosphere Reserve – Corn. It is approximately an hour and a half from Managua, capital of Nicaragua on flights offered by the airline “La Costeña” calling in the city of San Carlos, Cabecera Departamental department of Rio San Juan. It is located in southeastern Nicaragua with geographic coordinates at 10 ° 55”12’North latitude and 83 ° 41” West Longitude. It is located in the Southeastern end of the national territory and limits to the North with the municipality of Bluefields, to the East with the Caribbean Sea, to the South with the Republic of Costa Rica and to the West with the municipality of El Castillo. It is located about 190 kilometers south of the departmental head, the city of San Carlos and about 470 km from the city of Managua.

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This air terminal has a hydraulic concrete track of 1,500 mts long by 25 mts wide with a 10/28 (SW-NE) orientation at an average elevation of 11.0 msnm above sea level. It is used for daytime flights between sunset and sunrise. Regular flights are served from the airline “La Costeña”, ordinary, charters and Pastora. Also international flights from Pavas-Costa Rica.

We have a dock at the access port to the airport as the main entrance, which can be accessed by boat and / or panga with offshore marine engines, waiting room services for boarding, luggage check, Migration and Aliens , Customs, IPSA. Service of same ramp that has capacity for parking of three airplanes comfortably parked, drop drop for overnight stays, customer service by the airlines, does not apply, terminal right services. Air traffic control room.


We consider it important to let the visitor know the following information so that he / she knows some of the services available in the town of San Juan de Nicaragua:
There are restaurants, canteens and sodas that offer food service with local culinary specialties such as rondon, rice and beans, coconut bread, lobster and a wide range of fish.

In San Juan de Nicaragua there is a varied offer of accommodations ranging from the luxury hotel Indio Lodge, with a price of $ 185.00 (One hundred and eighty five net dollars), per day includes food, open bar, tur to tourist sites, Cayacs , Trails and bird observatory.

The distance from the air terminal to this hotel is three kilometers, it takes five minutes to get to the hotel, the water transport is in the pangas hotel.

In addition, the municipal cabecera has houses – private hostels such as the family hostel, El Tucán, Heliconia with prices ranging from $ 30.00 to $ 45.00 dollars per day including accommodation and food, as well as there are medium budget hotels such as Hotelito Evo and Rama Garden Fishing that offer bred and breakfast service, prices range from $ 40.00 to $ 60.00 lodging and food per day.

Transportation from the municipal head to the air terminal is via waterway in boats and / or pangas with outboard marine engines. The cost per person is $ 10.00 ten dollars net per person.

The distance from the head of the municipality to the airport is 8 kilometers. The time it takes to arrive is approximately 10 minutes.

Hotels in San Juan de Nicaragua:

• Hotel Río Indio Lodge: Phone N ° 00505-2580-0813.
• Hotel Evo: Phone number 00505-8624-6401.
• Rama Garden Fishing: Phone N ° 00505-8547-1694

Houses Hostels:

• Family Hostel: Telephone N ° 8446-2096.
• Hostal Heliconia: Telephone N ° 5734-9671.
• Hostal El Tucán: Telephone No. 8623-4065.




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