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Nicaragua is serviced by the following international airlines: American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Copa Airlines, Grupo Taca and Aerocaribbean. Passenger check-in counters are located on the west wing of the Main Terminal at ground level.

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American Airlines has 1 daily flight to Miami and connections.

Ticket office : Edificio Escala, Modulo 1F, piso #1 Las Cumbres, costado Sur del Edificio AVANZ. Managua, Nicaragua.

WhatsApp: (505) 8543-4248 / Email:
Monday – Friday : 08:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Saturday: 09:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Sunday: cerrado

Reservations: (505) 7877-7920
24 hours

Airport Office: (505) 2233-1911
Baggage Service Office: (505) 8854-9516
Mon to Sun: 08:00 AM. – 04:00 PM.

US airline with daily flights to Houston and connecting flights.
Main office: Ofiplaza building, second level building 5.
Reservations: (505) 278-7033
Fax: (505) 278-2838
Airport office:
Tel. EAAI: (505) 233-1624/28 Ext. 2253;
Contiental Airlines Airport office:. (505) 263-1030
Fax: (505) 263-1034

Online Ticket Reservations and Purchases: 

Reservation Office:
Camino de Oriente, Carretera a Masaya
Behind the Toys Store
Phones: 2278-1149 and 2270-1010
Fax: (505) 233-2887

Office Airport:
Phone: 2233-2884
For sale of tickets at the airport, only from 10pm to 12am on flight days.

Airline with Panamanian and North American capital, it makes daily flights Guatemala City, Managua, San Jose, San Salvador, Panama and connections.
Central Office: Higway Masaya Km 4 and half building CAR # 6.
Reservations Tel: (505) 2267-0045
Fax: (505) 2233-1680

Airport Offices:
Tel: (505) 2233-1624 / 28 Ext. 2257; (505) 2233-1404
Fax: (505) 2233-1680

Central American/Colombian airline, with daily flights from Managua to San Salvador and Miami with connections to all of Central America and the main destinations in North America through its HUB in El Salvador and to South America and Europe in its HUB in Bogotá.

Sales Point: INVERCASA, Tower 3, first level, module D.
Contact Center: Reservations, purchase tickets and luggage inquiries +505 7517 5270.

Airport office:
Tel: (505) 263-1929/31/32
Fax: (505) 263-1808

Mexican airline, makes one flight daily to Mexico City and connections.

Reservations Tel: 1800-2260-294

Offices at Augusto C. Sandino International Airport:
Tel: (505) 2263-1027 / 2263-1028

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