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The VIP Lounge in the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport has an excellent location and spacious rooms. It is located on the second floor, next to the international departure and boarding lounges.

It is an ideal spot for passengers who are waiting for their flight, or or those who wish to bid farewell or welcome friends, relatives, or business associates in a pleasant setting.

The lounge is comfortable and cozy, with spacious windows letting in natural light and a view of the parking lot and public areas. It has a tropical ambience that matches the climate of Managua. Televisions and wireless internet conexion are available for those who wish to check e-mails, watch the news or other entertainment programs. Its first-class services and highly trained staff make it even more attractive.

VIP services are provided to:

  • Business people or company executives who travel regularly or receive visits from executives doing business with their companies.
  • Passengers who like to use the VIP Lounge when they make family, tourism, pleasure, or health trips.
  • Artists who perform in the country and other celebrities who feel more comfortable and secure in the VIP Lounge.

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29 de Marzo de 2015










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